Filipino Students Association

Regardless of its name, the Filipino Students Association is open to students of ALL nationalities. Filipinos from Australia, Filipinos from the Philippines and abroad, local and international non- Filipino students with an interest in Filipino culture. Our aim as an organization is to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of Filipino culture, and to promote camaraderie and understanding between ethnic Filipinos and the larger international student body here in Melbourne. Our activities include informal get-togethers for members, participation in MUOSS activities such as the Festival of Nations through performances and the preparation and selling of Filipino food. We hope to promote an expanded membership for the future, and offering lessons in native dance as a forum for encouraging participation in the club.

Club Aims:

  1. To promote and maintain friendship, unity and cooperation among students of the University by:
    1. Helping new students adjust to their new environment by orienting them to the facilities and services available to the University students, and helping them find accommodation and other necessities.
    2.  Assisting students having academic difficulties in the university.
  2. To Uphold the rights and welfare of the students in the University.
  3. To promote values, tradition and culture.
  4. To act as a collective body in actions involving policies and guidelines on scholarships or any University related matters issued either by the University, the sponsoring agency or any legitimate office or institution in the Philippines.
  5. To establish and maintain unity and cooperation with other Filipino organizations in Victoria.
  6. To develop and maintain a harmonious and continuing relationship with other student organization, faculty, and staff of the university.
  7. To perform other functions that the body may deem beneficial to the association.

Filipino Students Association

Mailbox 10
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

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