Folding our Futures

Folding Our Futures is an innovative non-for-profit club dedicated to inspiring the next generation of change makers in society. We run mindfulness origami sessions whilst discussing problems in our local communities that we can address, as well as delivering workshops/seminars for university students to enhance their participation and contribution to the local community. Members can also take part and help run the workshops that we deliver to primary and secondary schools to inspire children to engage in community project workshops. Through the combination of craft and altruism, we aim to spark conversation regarding social impact from a young age.

Club Aims

  1. To raise awareness of the education discrepancy between advantaged and disadvantaged schools in Australia, through our ‘Creation Station’ initiative.
  2. To utilise The University of Melbourne’s student base as a platform to support and design initiatives aimed at empowering disadvantaged youth.
  3. To provide University students with a creative outlet (crafts) that complements their study and fosters empathy.
  4. To help nurture a culture of volunteerism and community service among students at The University of Melbourne.

Folding our Futures
Mailbox 95, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010


You can also sign up through our online membership form.