Fotoholics Photography Club

Fotoholics – Melbourne University Photography Club, is a student run photography club which welcomes everybody interested in cameras and photography, and also those just interested in fun, sightseeing and travelling to great attractions around Melbourne and Victoria. We have over 300 members every year and are very active with outings, activities and workshops, all of which are designed to add value for members, the vast majority of which are free for members. These activities give our members an opportunity to engage in a wide range of photographic activities, as well as learn and have fun at the same time! All welcome!

Club Aims:

  1. Provide an interaction ground for students who are interested in photography, both professional and beginners.
  2. Offer a platform for members to present their work.
  3. Promote a general interest in photography among fellow students
  4. Teaching basic photography techniques.

Fotoholics Photography Club
Mailbox 32
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

You can also sign up through our online membership form.

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