Friends of Unnatural Llamas (FOUL)

Friends of Unnatural Llamas (FOUL) are the silliest club at Melbourne University. It is also one of the most active, with weekly social functions and the occasional camp or two. Although we haven’t had a camp recently. Shhh, you’re wrecking it. And we missed last week’s function. Last week was a holiday. Was it? That explains why I was the only one at class. Stop it. Stop it. We don’t have time for your prattle — This is about FOUL. Well, you’re not doing it right. Nobody wants to hear about your stupid Monty Python Club. Shut up. No, you shut up. No — YOU shut up. You’re so childish. Grow up. Drop dead.

Club Aims:

  1. To unite silly people, Monty Python fans, llama lovers and other loonies.
  2. To promote and encourage silliness, absurdity, insanity and nonsense in all places, at all levels and at all times, and on all channels.
  3. To help Ralph the Wonder Llama, his descendents and his disciples take over the world, in ever way possible.
  4. To educate the community about unnatural llamas and their plans to take over the worlds, in every way possible.
  5. To house train the following:
    1. An oyster.
    2. A chocolate bunny rabbit.
  6. To obtain financial backing for the following projects:
    1. Detecting traces of fish in Mercury.
    2. Developing a solar powered watch.
    3. Determining the speed of dark.
  7. To prove once and for all that llamas are bigger than frogs.
  8.  To lobby for the outlawing of cherry advocaat drinkin, and that it be used only for throwing at electric video display devices.
  9.  To win scavenger hunts.

Friends of Unnatural Llamas (FOUL)
Mailbox 83
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


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