Genetics Society

This club is aiming to raise awareness of various genetic conditions that are highly prevalent in many populations. This would be through running public lectures and events to discuss research working on developing better treatments and management approaches. We would like to take this as an opportunity to find and create ways to positively contribute to individuals living with these chronic conditions. Plus, if you would like to know more about potential careers and future studies in the field of genetics, we are organising a genetics mentoring programme to connect you with professionals and elite academics in fields.

Club Aims

  1. To connect undergraduate students interested in genetics to post graduate students via “genetic mentoring” to give insight into potential careers in genetics.
  2. To raise awareness of genetic conditions (especially cancer, diabetes, PCOS, Down syndrome etc)
  3. To help people with genetic conditions through support groups and active fundraising.
  4. To encourage discussion about gene technology and subsequent ethical issues in society.

Genetics Society
BioSciences 4, Building 147
The University of Melbourne 3010

Email: Unimelb.genetics[@]

Facebook: Melbourne.University.Genetics.Society