HackMelbourne is your go to student-run organisation dedicated to hackathons, software development education and innovation. Our vision is to run large scale intercollegiate hackathons for all students and provide complementary tech focused educational opportunities.

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Club Aims:

  1. To promote and facilitate the discussion of software development and hackathons by creating a space for students to connect and learn from each other and from club members.
  2. To promote educational resources such as workshops and events for students with a focus on software, web and mobile development in the context of how to succeed in a tech hackathon.
  3. To reduce barrier of entry to participation in hackathons and the world of tech through the organisation of an accessible (free, for all levels and cross-uni) annual major hackathon.
  4. To increase tech literacy and encourage students from all backgrounds to extend their interest, skills and knowledge in the realm of software development.
  5. To contribute to the growth of the tech scene in Victoria and wider Australia from the ground up, starting at a university level, in a 21st century world.
  6. To participate in hackathon competitions on behalf of the university.

Mailbox 94, Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010


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