History Society

The University of Melbourne History Society aims to provide support to all students studying or interested in history. Whether you’re a first-year considering history as a major, a weathered historian on your 3rd PhD, or if you watched one episode of Horrible Histories one time, the History Society is the club for you. We hope to provide academic resources and faculty connections to students studying history, as well as history-related social events like trivia nights, moving screenings and casual catch-ups. We also support Chariot magazine, a student-led history publication.

Club Aims

  1. To provide students studying or interested in history with connections and a sense of community on campus.
  2. To provide academic support for history students.
  3. To offer history students information related to career opportunities and volunteering positions.
  4. To promote history as an area of interest and an academic discipline throughout the university.

History Society
C/- Arts Faculty Office
The University of Melbourne 3010


You can also sign up through our online membership form.