International Justice Mission Society


We are a community of passionate students dedicated to eradicating modern slavery in our lifetime.

As a student-run representative of the faith-based NGO International Justice Mission (IJM), we strongly believe that we can play a vital role in the fight against modern-day slavery by raising awareness, initiating campaigns, fundraisers and so much more.

Open to students from all backgrounds, we strive to create a safe, diverse community that cultivates each others’ drives to seek change.

Join us in the fight to put violence and slavery out of business – for good!

Club Aims:

  1. To advance International Justice Mission’s gospel inspired vision “to put violence and slavery out of business – for good” by mobilising and educating the student body about modern-day human trafficking through organised workshops and seminars with relevant academics of the field.
  2. To liaise and build relationships with existing clubs, local NGOs and churches for the purpose of maximising the impact of the movement within our community; taking on the tangible form of collaboration in events where our joint efforts can bring momentum in the eradication of modern-day slavery.
  3. To create a space for students that cultivates their passion and drive for justice with other like-minded peers motivated by God’s love.
  4. To provide an avenue for students and encourage them to be proactive in the fight for justice by taking inspired action through events including — but not limited to fundraisers, freedom marches and justice conferences.
  5. To create a network of accountability within the Oceania region in order to imitate the international cooperation that is required to attend to this issue most effectively.
  6. To build a strong foundation of change-making individuals within our community in order to initially tackle change on a micro-level; eventually growing to target wider human trafficking issues on a global scale.

International Justice Mission Society
Mailbox 80, Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010

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