Internet of Things Club

Interested in learning more about the Internet of Things (IoT)? Want to make some new friends? Ready to be mind-blown by the advancements in IoT-based devices and make a difference within the University with the devices you will create? If your answer is yes to the questions, join us at the IoT club where we aim to promote the concept of IoT by hosting various workshops which will develop your skills in building said devices and through social events for everyone to enjoy, all while appreciating meme-worthy IoT memes. So if you don’t want to miss out, come join us!

Club Aims

  1. To increase awareness of the opportunities presented by Internet of Things as a growing concept.
  2. To provide a social platform for Internet of Things enthusiasts (like-minded individuals) to network and connect with experts within the field.
  3. To host workshops to facilitate the building of simple Internet of Things devices, hence allowing students to interact with them in a widely accessible manner.
  4. To form teams to take part in IoT-based competitive activities (e.g. Internet of Things hackathon).
  5. To encourage students to incorporate skills learned within their respective faculties into IoT-based projects that they will strive to create.

Internet of Things Club
Mailbox 109, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010


You can also sign up through our online membership form.