Jazz at Melbourne (JAM)

Jazz at Melbourne (JAM) is the only club dedicated to jazz music at the University of Melbourne. We hold regular ‘JAM sessions’ where members can play jazz together, and run a variety of social events to connect jazz musicians and fans. We welcome all jazz enthusiasts, both musicians and non-musicians, from all faculties across the Parkville and Southbank campuses.

Club Aims

  1. To provide a social space for students from all faculties who play jazz music to play together by running regular ‘jam sessions’ on campus.
  2. To encourage students interested in playing or listening to jazz music, who might not have played before or recently, to connect with one another, and form social networks.
  3. To promote knowledge of and appreciation for the Jazz idiom, by running ‘listening sessions’ and social events on campus.
  4. To provide jazz musicians in the UoM community with the opportunity to improve or refine their musical skills, by running workshops with local musicians.
  5. To create a knowledge-sharing network within the University where jazz musicians can share upcoming concerts or events and / or musical ideas, both in person and through dedicated social media pages.
  6. To contribute to the University’s creative culture by making our musicians available for performances on campus.

Jazz at Melbourne (JAM)
Mailbox 47, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010