Lebanese Students Society

The Melbourne University Lebanese Student Society (MULSS) is a club dedicated to celebrating Lebanese culture. MULSS is one of only a few Middle-Eastern based clubs established at the university and aims to bring together both students of Lebanese heritage and individuals from a broader Middle-Eastern background. The club also aims to promote the Lebanese culture throughout the University and to attract students who would love to learn more. To get involved, sign up and become a member! To keep up to date with the exciting things we’re up to, like us on Facebook.

Club Aims:

  1. To promote the skills and achievements of Lebanese students at the University of Melbourne.
  2. To mentor Lebanese students especially in first year studies so that they feel a sense of belonging at the University of Melbourne.
  3. To foster an understanding of Lebanese culture amongst the student and staff cohorts at the university of Melbourne.
  4. To represent Lebanese students at the University of Melbourne in important cultural, social and political events.

Lebanese Students Society
Mailbox 92, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010