Machine Learning Students Association

We are a community of spirited individuals who are passionate about all things related to you guessed it right, Machine Learning of course!!! We at the University of Melbourne Machine Learning Students Association have members of all skill levels including those with no experience. We invite students from all streams with interest in Machine Learning. Our aim is to provide insightful workshops focused on imparting practical knowledge whilst also making it a fun group activity. Also, we host Kaggle competitions that would be a social activity to build a strong network with students.

Club Aims

  1. To provide students with opportunities to learn and to practice machine learning and data science related skills through projects, competitions, workshops, and reading groups.
  2. To provide students with opportunities for career advancement in machine learning and data science, by hosting events to connect them to employers and researchers.
  3. To act as a forum for students with similar interests in machine learning and data science to meet and socialise, especially across different degrees and year levels.
  4. To represent the interests of students studying data science and machine learning in talks with faculty staff.

Machine Learning Students Association
Mailbox 167, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010

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