Mandarin Christian Fellowship

We are a Christian club that welcome students from all nations with mandarin background. By joining our club, you can build up relationship with new friends, have growth in spirit and have deeper understanding to the Christianity. We will provide both entertainment and spiritual events regularly, which includes sports day, camping, climbing, bible reading and morning devotion.

The aims of the club are:
a) To provide a fellowship for Christians who speak mandarin and help them grow in their faith.
b) To provide study and life support for Mandarin background students in order to help them better adapt to Australia, succeed in study and future life.
c) To provide a home-like atmosphere for students who speak mandarin, be their companies and families when they study abroad.
d) To provide Chinese bible learning and information about Christianity to those who are interested.
e) To provide the Mandarin background students a platform to develop their social life.

Contact details:
WeChat: MCF_melbourne