Agriculture and Food Science Society

The Agriculture and Food Science Society has the following aims:

  1. To provide a student body for MSLE faculty
  2. To provide educational events i.e., guest speakers, seminars to the students enhancing their career opportunities and networks.
  3. To organise social events which will bring all MSLE students together
  4. To provide an opportunity for all MSLE students from all courses to meet together and become familiar with each other

Throughout the year we have three main events which are the Melbourne School of Land and Environment Ball, Inter College Sports day and FULNAR. Alongside these large events we have BBQ’s during the semester and guest speakers for example GRADLINK and North Melb Tafe, come to speak to us about career opportunities and topics that are occurring within the Industry.

So if you would like to join our club, please get in contact with C&S and get down to one of our BBQ’s during the year. Not only will you get a good feed but you will meet some great new people who are interested in and are from the same background as you.

Agriculture and Food Science Society
Mailbox 141
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010