Mexican Club

We proudly invite you to be an official member of the Mexican Club.

If you are interested in Mexican Culture and would like to know new amazing people with same interests.

This is your Opportunity!

As a member of the club you would:
*Experience Language Exchange
*Know more about Mexican and latin traditions
*Be part of an awesome community
*Share delicious food and beverages
*Participate in super fun meetings!

Everyone is welcome to join( You donā€™t have to be Mexican, Latinamerican or Spanish Speaker, but if you are you should Join šŸ˜Š, everyone should join!


Club Aims

  1. To organise and run events to introduce the Mexican culture and allow everyone at the University of Melbourne to celebrate it.
  2. To assist Mexican and/or other Latin-American studentsā€™ integration to the community.
  3. To provide the opportunity for the Spanish-speaking students and people studying the language to have a language exchange.
  4. To endorse the growing local Mexican community and be a reference for the Mexican culture at the University of Melbourne.

Mexican Club
Mailbox 128, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010


Find us on facebook: Mexican Club, The University of MelbourneĀ  (@mexicanclubuom)