Nursing Students’ Society (MUNSS)

The Melbourne University Nursing Students Society (MUNSS) is made up of and represents the students of the Nursing associated post graduate qualifications. We run social, education and charitable events, assist new students with setting into the course and provide a link between students and academic staff.

Club Aims:

  1. To encourage the exploration, teaching and dissemination of science by means of regular discussions of current literature and the involvement of students of the School/Department of nursing in seminars.
  2. To provide educational opportunities for the students of the students of the School/Department of Nursing.
  3. To organise social events for the students of the School/Department of Nursing to foster team building and encourage networking.
  4. To represent and support the students of the School/Department of Nursing in the student union, the School/Department of Nursing, the school (Melbourne School of Health Sciences), the faculty (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences) and the greater university (the University of Melbourne).
  5. To raise the profile of the School/Department of Nursing and students of the School/Department of Nursing at the University of Melbourne.
  6. To establish a network with other faculty clubs and societies at Melbourne University and other universities.

Nursing Students’ Society

School of Nursing
University of Melbourne VIC 3010