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Founded in 1948 and renamed in 2011, the University of Melbourne Optometry Student Society is a student-led society for Doctor of Optometry and research higher degree students within the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Our primary goal is to organise and host events to help our student members better assimilate into the course, provide opportunities to meet with potential employers and help them connect with the wider optometric and health care community. Our focus therefore extends to interdisciplinary collaboration within the University of Melbourne, as well as also increasing collaboration between optometry student societies across Australia.

Club Aims:

  1. To organise and host events which help undergraduate and postgraduate optometry students to better assimilate into the course (by getting to know their peers and classmates better).
  2. To organise and host events which help undergraduate and postgraduate optometry students meet potential employees (ie: corporate and independent optometrists).
  3. To organise and host events which will provide optometry students with the opportunity to learn more about the science of pediatric and contact lens optometry as well as latest spectacle and contact lens technology via organisations such as the Australian College of Behavioral Optometrists and The Cornea and Contact Lens Society as well as various contact and spectacle lens manufacturers.
  4. To inform students about regular seminars held at the University of Melbourne that promote vision science and optometry research and provide information on the current scientific advancements.
  5. To liaise with other health science faculties to build a stronger inter- professional community between the students.
  6. To keep students up to date with news of and from the wider optometric and health science community via email and announcements.

Optometry Student Society
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