We’re a social club dedicated to all things musical and piratey. Come along to Rage against the Machine, uncover buried loot, and Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

Club Aims:

  1. To provide an environment for PIRATES and generally awesome people to socialise and form new friendships.
  2. To organise cruises for general pillaging and plundering.
  3. To do what you want caus a pirate is free!
  4. To organise the purchase of pirate merchandise for members, so as to have many shirts.
  5. To get more booty (Yargh ! Pirates always get more booty).
  6. To rock the establishment.
  7. To Shiver me Timbers.
  8. To have Treasure Island moved to the nonfiction section of the Bailleu.
  9. To Loot, Plunder, Sack and Pillage.
  10. To provide an environment for …Yargh!!!!
  11. To raise awareness of Pirate literacy problems.
  12. To siphon precious funds from the ailing Student Union while there is still time.
  13. To recover buried loot at Wench Island.
  14. To recover buried whenches at Loot Island, Yargh!
  15. To avoid getting shipwrecked.
  16. To combat Global Warming by increasing pirate numbers.
  17. To raise awareness of Pirate awesomeness, Yargh!
  18. To have International Talk Like a Pirate Day enshrined as a public holiday.
  19. To Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.
  20. To have Treasure Island moved to the awesome section of the Bailleu, Yargh!
  21. To become affiliated with the Pirate Faculty.
  22. To finally get 15 men in a dead man’s chest.
  23. To raise the bar of awesomeness to new highs.
  24. To then use that bar of awesomeness to beat the awesome out of every other club.

The aims of the cannons are:
1. The spanish club… Yargh, Fire a Broadside !

Mailbox 40
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

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