Philosophy Society

MUPS aims to support philosophy in all its forms at the university. We organise readings groups, film nights and, most importantly, philosophy meetups where you can just talk philosophy.

Club Aims

  1. To connect philosophy students with each other in an effort to develop a philosophical community at the University of Melbourne.
  2. To inform philosophy students and students in general of the philosophy being done at and around the University of Melbourne.
  3. To put interested students into contact with the community of philosophy (philosophy faculty, students, reading groups, etc.) at the University of Melbourne.
  4. To create an interest in Philosophy in the broader student body by showing how philosophy is relevant to their daily lives and their own fields of study.
  5. To develop and publish a philosophical magazine with students as contributors
  6. To provide students with spaces to develop their own philosophical ideas.

Philosophy Society
Mailbox 172, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010

You can also sign up through our online membership form.