Singapore Students Society

The Singapore Students Society (SSS) of The University of Melbourne is an organization that aims to provide a support network for Singaporean students to meet and interact with one another to recreate a ‘Singaporean Identity’ to help members feel at home away from home. We actively encourage Singaporeans to appreciate our heritage & culture through various activities. SSS is also part of Singaporeans of Victoria (SOV), a non-profit organization and a joint collaboration of the various Singaporean Student Associations or Societies (SSA/SSS) across the state of Victoria.

SSS organizes many activities throughout the year which provides members with the opportunity to get together and rekindle the ‘Singaporean spirit’ in them. Activities include our flagship Orientation Camp, Mid Autumn Festival, Amazing Race and Social Nights.

Benefits of being an SSS member include bonding with fellow Singaporeans and faculty seniors, networking opportunities, special privileges with our affiliated sponsors and member discounts for all our events.

New Membership / Renewal: $10

Club Aims:

  1. To provide entertainment and socializing opportunities.
  2. To offer academic and career information as well as networking opportunities.
  3. To maintain and protect the interest and community of Singaporean students at University of Melbourne.
  4. Promote and assist the welfare, status, social, educational and cultural activities of Singaporean students.
  5. Foster a better understanding between Singaporeans and the other nationalities in the University.
  6. Work towards the goal of better goodwill between Overseas Students and Australians.
  7. Assist new Singaporeans to assimilate into the University.
  8. Implement all activities as may be deemed conducive to any objectives of The Society.

Singapore Students’ Society
Mailbox 14
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

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