Society for Electronic Entertainment

The Society of Electronic Entertainment is a club devoted to watching, talking about and, most of all, playing video games, both old and new! Whether you’re interested in racing your friends in Mario Kart, landing skill-shots in LoL or DotA, or trading Pokemon on the 3DS, you’ll have a place for you right here!

We have a meeting every week, as well as a range of tournaments, movie nights, and other events such as trivia nights. Whether you’re the hardest of the hardcore or just looking for the occasional game, come along and have some fun!

Club Aims:

  1. To promote the appreciation of video and computer gaming systems, associated games and their various aspects.
  2. To give video gamers an opportunity to discuss their favourite games and systems with other fans.
  3. To provide a multiplayer environment for video gamers.
  4. To assist in showing that video gamers are not as self-isolating as some stereotypes would suggest.
  5. To provide a means for video gamers to compete with others and improve their skills.

Society for Electronic Entertainment
Mailbox 58
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


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