Solidarity Student Club

Solidarity Student Club is a group of revolutionary socialist activists on campus.

Turnbull and the Liberals have a regressive agenda e.g. dismantling Medicare and attacking refugees. We are building a student movement to help kick the Liberals out and campaigning against the University’s agenda of profit over quality education and student rights such as closing Union House.

Solidarity also grapples with the bigger changes needed to address the structural inequality and lack of control ordinary people have under capitalism. We meet regularly to discuss political ideas e.g. climate change, Aboriginal rights, Marxist theory and revolutions in history. All welcome!

Club Aims:

  1. To provide a forum for open, democratic discussion and debate between different currents on the broad left of politics.
  2. To strengthen a broad-based, movement orientated activist culture on campus through rebuilding the wider left.
  3. To work alongside members and supporters of the Labor Left and Greens in campaigns to raise the level of activity and understanding on campus about refugee rights, climate justice and Aboriginal rights.
  4. To encourage creative political expression on the political left through publication of various zines, bulletins, pamphlets, leaflets and factsheets.

Solidarity Student Club
Mailbox 29
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


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