Speech Pathology Students’ Society

SPSS represents the collective needs and wants of Masters of Speech Pathology students at The University of Melbourne. SPSS aims to unite the two year levels enrolled in the Speech Pathology course while providing information, networking and mentoring opportunities to alumni and future students.

SPSS organise year round social events, educational seminars as well as tutorials, meditation and networking sessions to provide students with strategies to make the most of their studies and socialise with their peers. SPSS also ensures members are provided with opportunities to get involved with other societies and professional bodies.

SPSS is open to all students, future students and alumni. Please see our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and details of upcoming events.

Club Aims:

  1. To act as a means of liaison between staff and students as a whole as well as becoming the first point of call for year level representatives, staff, those interested in Speech pathology and more.
  2. To act as a provider of information for Speech Pathology students at the University of Melbourne regarding clinical placements, future employment, further studies and more.
  3. To provide assistance and support to Speech Pathology students at the University of Melbourne.
  4. To promote a sense of community and team-work (e.g. mentor programs, sharing of information and knowledge etc.) among the two year levels.

Speech Pathology Students’ Society
C/- C&S Office
First Floor, Union House
The University of Melbourne, VIC 3010