Wine Society

Are you a wine enthusiast or have already undertaken a wine breadth subject? The University of Melbourne Student Wine Society (UMOSWS) meets regularly to share in our mutual passion for wine through informal tastings, tours, wine making dinners and our annual wine ball.

The UOMSWS will also offer a prestigious yearly internship with one of Australia’s largest diversified wine companies, exclusive to members of the club! For membership, or more information, please contact us at uomsws[@] or find us on Facebook!

Club Aims:

  1. To expand the knowledge and appreciation of wine for any students that express a general interest in its virtues.
  2. To encourage the continuing education of wine amongst wine students with an on campus presence and the departments subjects.
  3. To provide a conduit for future employment in the wine industry, its ongoing promotion and its related fields.
  4. To promote the responsible consumption of wine in a social setting.
  5. To provide students with little access to fine wine an avenue for tasting them in an educational context.
  6. To inform and spread student knowledge and a sense of community.
  7. To encourage ongoing participation of wine subjects.

Wine Society
Mailbox 105
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010

You can also sign up through our online membership form.


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