Students Association of Management and Marketing (SAMM)

What is SAMM?

SAMM is a thriving student network that provides Management and Marketing undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Melbourne with opportunities to extend student learning beyond the classroom. Our vision: “Be prepared, stay informed, get connected” is at the core of everything that we do and all our offerings to our members. We enable and enrich our students to become prepared through building their professional skills, to stay informed with valuable industry insight and to build meaningful connections with industry professionals.

What does our vision mean?


Equipping you with skills necessary in ascertaining that grad role and succeeding on the job, SAMM aims to have all our members prepared for when they graduate university. Through our professional development workshops and case competition build skills that you won’t learn in the clasroom such as how to perfect your resume and interview responses and how to create a business presentation.


Stay informed with the industry trends in marketing and management. SAMM will enrich your knowledge through our engaging seminars and online content. Through SAMMPress, keep up with the scoop, be stimulated by debate on management, marketing and culture and voice your passion by writing for us. We aim to ensure that our members are on top the ever evolving ecosystem of business.


Building business relationships and connecting with other students, professionals in industries and academia are fundamental to future career success. Membership provides you with plenty of opportunities create networks and friends to find your footing early in your career. Our past flagship events played host to well known and respected companies, with representatives from the likes of L’Oreal, Telstra, BCG, Interbrand, Deloitte, IBM and Mondelez International.

Club Aims:

  1. To organise events which facilitate networking opportunities with industry professionals for the students in hopes of developing their networking and communication skills, crucial in the business sector.
  2. To organise information sessions which aim to bring Melbourne university alumni, Melbourne University staff working within the Careers offices as well as industry professionals who have recently joined the workforce to provide students with relatable pathways and answers to questions on how to pursue a successful pathway in management and marketing.
  3. To facilitate a casual environment with social events, dissimilar to our informative, professional events, which primarily aim to assist students with meeting other students studying and wishing to take similar pathways as themselves, in hopes of creating a support web with peers.
  4. To facilitate interactive events such as case competitions and debates which allow students to display their talents to a panel of industry professions, receive real time feedback and, ultimately, allow the occurrence of a “winner” who receives some form of exclusive prize related to management or marketing.
  5. To produce a fortnightly newsletter which lists content that has been in relation to management or marketing during that period, promote the opportunities and benefits of past and upcoming SAMM events as well as display important future dates relevant to the student such as internship application periods etc.

Students Association of Management and Marketing
131 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne
Carlton 3053