Students For Christ

Students For Christ (formerly known as Universe) is a dynamic, interdenominational, Christ-focused movement of students that operates on the university campuses of Victoria. We believe that God intended every person to experience life to the full, expressing this through a visible on-campus presence that is relevant, engaging and fun. Our whole foundation is the Bible and through it and our faith we seek to make a difference in this world –starting with our campus.

We provide a place where students can be supported, encouraged, meet new people, learn more about God, and impact their campus in fun and exciting ways! Students For Christ is not just for Christians.
Students For Christ is a great environment to make new friends and hang out. You can also get involved in our outreach activities to bless the campus and to provide opportunities for the curious and the concerned to discover more about Christianity.

Club Aims:

  1. To provide opportunities for students to consider a commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
  2. To cultivate Christian growth through the establishment of discipleship groups and a spiritual leadership training program.
  3. To provide opportunities for fellowship and worship amongst those of pentecostal/charismatic beliefs and practice.
  4. To encourage identification and co-operation with a national movement on tertiary campuses, which is committed to the same aims, objectives and doctrinal basis as the society.
  5. To encourage involvement in a local church off-campus.
  6. To encourage an outward focus on missions and evangelism.

Students For Christ
Mailbox 112
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010