Students for Refugees Society

The Students for Refugees society is a way for students to get involved in raising awareness about the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. The club aims to educate members about the related legal, cultural, and political issues, as well as actively work towards improving the conditions surrounding refugees and asylum seekers. This society is an opportunity to connect with larger organisations and facilitate volunteering at the University of Melbourne, with the vision of creating a community that is understanding and supportive of the plight faced by refugees.

Club Aims:

  1. To educate members about the situations and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, providing an insight into legal, social, cultural and political issues
  2. To improve the conditions of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia notably through campaigns, online actions, lobbying MPs and petitions
  3. To connect members with larger organisations specialising in refugee issues, facilitating volunteering opportunities in Melbourne
  4. To create a community where members feel safe to share experiences and open up discussions with like-minded peers

Students for Refugees Society
Mailbox 175, Level 1, Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010[@]