Taiwanese Students Association


Club Aims:

  1. The Melbourne University Taiwanese Student Association (MUTSA)was founded in 1998 to celebrate the culture of Taiwan, and to support the Taiwanese population at the university and in Melbourne.
  2. Every year we organize a vast variety of fun and exciting activities and events. We have had a history of bringing together many friendships and holding great events for Taiwanese and numerous other student populations in the University of Melbourne.
  3. Over the years, MUTSA has created a “central hub” for Taiwanese and students of every ethnicity to meet and socialise. Just to name a few of the activities we have throughout the year include a Ski Trip, Pizza/Movie nights, Karaoke Competition, Cocktail night, BBQs and the forever highly-anticipated Annual Ball.
  4. MUTSA welcomes absolutely anyone to join, our members are not just Taiwanese students, but also students from all different ethnicities and cultures!

Taiwanese Students Association
Mailbox 3
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010


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