Turkish Society

A club where Turkish culture and people come together. It is also a welcoming platform for Turkish international students who are integrating into Unimelb’s community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join, regardless of whether you are Turkish or not. You can look forward to all things Turkish through arts, our cuisine, and music. See you at one of the future events!

 Club Aims:

  1. To introduce the Turkish culture to the students of the university of melbourne through on campus activities and events.
  2. To facilities dialogue between Turkish and Australian/non-Turkish background students.
  3. To create an atmosphere for students to learn or practice their Turkish language skills.
  4. To create a platform for international Turkish students to assist them to integrate to the University of Melbourne community.

Turkish Students Society
Mailbox 43, , 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010

Contact: unimelbtr[@]gmail.com

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