Tzu Chi Collegiate Association

Club Aims:

  1. To provide a network for current students with an interest in community volunteer work such as visiting aged care homes and retirement villages (Faversham House, Canterbury), and caring for special children with disability. This aim is part of our Mission of Charity.
  2. To engage in environmental protection, through activities such as tree planting, promoting battery recycling (already established in collaboration with Whitehorse City Council with plans to expand this program around campus and in the CBD) and other activities to raise awareness regarding environmental protection. This aim is part of our Mission of Environmental Protection.
  3. To provide a platform for students who are interested in participating in after-school teaching programmes for primary school children from low socio-economic areas (already established, Ardeer Primary School) as part of our Mission of Education.
  4. To cooperate and engage with existing volunteering clubs around campus to share our common experiences and learn more from each other about volunteering in the community.
  5. To apply the principles of Gratitude, Respect and Love to caring of and by students as members of society by means of self-improvement. Ultimately, we would like to instil and develop a culture of altruism and compassion among Students of the campus.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association
Mailbox 108
Level 1, Union House
University of Melbourne, 3010