Unimelb Love Letters

You may have heard about us from mysterious whispers around Baillieu library (or Balulu/Bayloo or however its spelt), or maybe you’ve scrolled past a post waiting for your next class. Maybe, you’ve even submitted a post yourself…

We are the UniMelb Love Letters Club! A club dedicated to making the lives of UniMelb students enjoyable for all! We value the development of friendship and we want to unite all UniMelb students through love letter memes and themed events. If you are excited about having fun at uni, then this is the club to join! All are welcome to join!

Club Aims:

  1. To provide a physical platform for followers of Unimelb Love Letters to meet new people and create new connections.
  2. To provide a non-judgemental space for people wanting to develop friendships.
  3. To provide a place for overwhelmed students to reach out to others in similar situations and receive support (eg. Study group, subject help, meeting other first years).
  4. To unite all Melbourne Uni students through love letter themed events (eg. Picnics, love letter workshops, etc.)

Unimelb Love Letters
Mailbox 25, Level 1 Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010