Veterinary Students Society of Victoria (Parkville)

In addition to facilitating student-to-student interaction, the VSSV also provides representation from the student body to the faculty and between industry and the student body and receives tremendous support from industry sponsors.

We are pleased to have the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) as our Principal Partner again this year, and gratefully acknowledge their support.

The VSSV organises many social events (.doc) throughout the year including the Vet Student Ball, Barn Dance, River Cruise and the Vet Dinner. Regular “Friday Things” BBQ’s are a small scale but popular activity.

Student services offered include the VSSV Student Directory, our popular yearbook Albeitera and our regular email newsletter Femoral Pulse.

Our Special Interest Groups provide students with the opportunity to explore their own specific interests whether it be with small animals, cattle practice, horses, wildlife, sheep or in the area of animal welfare are also on offer. Each of these groups organises events throughout the year and have their own committees and meetings.

Club Aims:

  1. To provide a society to unify the students in the first and second years of the Veterinary Science course.
  2. To act as a communication link between the students and the lecturers and staff of the Veterinary Science Faculty.
  3. To facilitate the opportunity for Veterinary students to gain contacts and network with the Veterinary Industry.
  4. To encourage the field of veterinary science through the dissemination of veterinary information and knowledge.

Veterinary Students Society of Victoria (Parkville)
780 Elizabeth Street
University of Melbourne VIC 3010