Vex Robotics Club

Club Aims:

    1. To connect and unify like-minded individuals through the participation of robotics competitions both within national borders and around the world.
    2. To provide an avenue to build upon new and pre-existing skills through the expression of different ideas through the lens of a competitive robotics team.
    3. To give students a competitive outlet where they can further refine STEM skills and provide a fun atmosphere to demonstrate their understanding of the engineering principles through competitive robotics.
    4. To act as role models within the robotics community by providing feedback, criticism, and guidance towards fellow competitors, and to display good sportsmanship attitudes in all aspects of competition.
    5. To encourage an equal participation in STEM for all individuals, both within the university, and around the world.
    6. To guide/mentor younger teams in under-represented regions through building the foundations for good engineering principles and critical STEM skills.
    7. To reinforce principles and practices taught in relevant STEM classes and fields through practical hands-on learning.
    8. To participate in national and international events.

Vex Robotics Club
Mailbox 206, Union House
The University of Melbourne, Vic, 3010

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