YouTube Appreciation Society

The YouTube Appreciation Society is a club for anyone who enjoys watching and creating YouTube videos or just wants a platform to discuss the importance of YouTube in our lives. On top of having Free Food and Free Drinks during our social events, we’re going to make videos that involve the university community. Be funny, play games, be relatable, give opinions, show your talents, sing a cover, do a makeup tutorial, share stories and most importantly, just be YOURSELF!!! So, don’t forget to give this page a thumbs up, hit the subscribe button, comment below and share the video!

Club Aims

  1. To provide students of University of Melbourne who are passionate about Youtube and other similar platforms in the community to meet someone with similar passions.
  2. To create entertainment, informational and educational video contents for University of Melbourne students and general public.
  3. To support students that are creating contents on Youtube as well as students who want to start.
  4. To discuss the good and bad influence of social media and how to utilize them effectively.
  5. To provide students of University of Melbourne the space to show their talent or express themselves in Youtube videos.
  6. To assist UMSU and other UMSU clubs to expand their influence and interests through the Youtube platform.

Youtube Appreciation Society
Mailbox 139, 1st floor Union House
The University of Melbourne 3010