Below are updates related to the cancellation of the Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture (ADUH):

In addition to the formal avenues pursued within the university system, as well as meetings with various staff members and the union’s advocacy department, the BSA contacted every media outlet, industry person and political figure that we could. Despite concerns being expressed to the university from numerous individuals, including the Mayor of Yarra, the Minister for Agriculture, and many alumni and industry professionals, it has now been confirmed that the ADUH will be terminated, with no new enrolments from 2018 and a teach-out period of 4 years. The teach-out plan has still not been released as of September 2017. We are currently working to try and ensure this teach-out plan is as fair as possible to students, and to fight for our staff members’ positions.

It is the BSA’s position that the cancellation of the ADUH is unjustified and short sighted, severely damaging Burnley as a horticultural institution with a 126 year history, and negatively impacting all staff and students.