Disabilities and Mental Wellness Collective

FREE LUNCH! FRIENDS! Now we’ve got your attention, the collective is a space for people anywhere on the wide spectrum of disability to come together in safety and comfort to discuss issues relevant to our community

As a department, we practice the social model of disability as a form of social exclusion, not a physical or mental deficiency. To be a disabled person means having your experiences limited by ableism. To be disabled in the social model context meant to be socially disadvantaged as opposed to physically disadvantaged; and excluded, not because of the individual’s inability to fit in with their surrounding environment, but because of society’s inability to include them. We celebrate our differences and fight for support and accessibility from the broader community. Able bodied friends are welcome!

If you’re interested in the Disabilities Department and the above description sounds like your sort of thing, come along to the Disabilities Collective. We’d love to hear all your opinions on everything department related – events, campaigns, activism – as well as providing you with a chill, safe environment to relax and talk to like-minded folk.

2pm-3:30pm Thursdays during semester
level 3, Disability Space, Union House
Parkville Campus

We are looking forward to seeing you <3



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