*Co-Options 2022 is now closed! To those who are still interested in joining, please look out for the next Co-Options!


What is Co-Option? 

Co-Option is one way for students to join the UMSU International family as a member of the committee. Applicants will be interviewed and selected by the current committee, who will evaluate each applicant based on the relevant skills and experiences that they have. So, it is highly recommended for you to apply for a position you feel you can excel in! 

These are the positions you can apply for:

  • Education Co-Opted Officer(s)
  • Welfare Co-Opted Officer(s)
  • Cultural & Social Co-Opted Officer(s)
  • Media & Marketing Co-Opted Officer(s)
  • Graduate Co-Opted Officer(s)
  • Partnership & Sponsorship Co-Opted Officer(s)
  • Human Resources Co-Opted Officer(s)


For more information

Please contact the Secretary, Angeline Cassie GANILY at