Cultural Parade

Cultural Parade General Audience

Keen to learn more about and immerse yourself in other cultures? Join UMSU International in our Cultural Parade, where you can enjoy a range of delicious free foods, challenge yourself in our game stalls, and watch some really captivating cultural performances (including Brazilian Samba and K-pop dances)! As a member of the audience, you can help us determine the best of these performances, and you can also win some sweet prizes from our lucky draw. So what are you waiting for? Register now! 


When: Tuesday 4 October, 3-5.30pm

Where: North Court

Find more information and register here


Fashion & Talent Show Registrations


Atttttention! UMSU International is beyond excited to announce that we will be holding a Talent and a Fashion show as part of our Cultural Parade, with more details to come soon! If you’re looking to showcase your culture, learn more about other diverse cultures, or just want to make friends and develop a sense of community, then this is your opportunity! Just an FYI, all talent and fashion shows must reflect your (or some element of) culture. You are welcome to register as an individual, a team, or as part of a club. Most importantly, you might just win some really cool prizes such as gaming consoles or designer sneakers. Make sure to register now to have some fun, and win prizes while you're at it! 


When: Tuesday 4 October, 3-5.30pm
Where: North Court
Register and send your expression of interest here:


More information on the shows...
  • All performances must be cultural, preferably to your own culture. If you want to use elements of other cultures, that is okay but the UMSU International committee will be screening all performances to ensure that they are appropriate. 
  • There will be 3 important stages including: (1) Screening (2) Rehearsal on the 3rd of October (3) Event Day on the 4th of October. Specific dates for the screening and further details of each stafe will be sent to performers later on. Performers must attend all 3 stages. 
  • For the Talent show...
    • Performances must be between 2.5 to 10 minutes long.
    • The stage can only accommodate 5-7 people for performances that require a lot of movement.