ISA Program

International Student Ambassador (ISA) Program

Do you want to make an impact and contribute towards the international students’ community? Do you want to expand your social network as well as the horizon in your Melbourne experience? Are you interested in gaining some exposure in leadership roles and event/project management? If your answer is ‘yes’ for any of the questions above, our International Student Ambassador (ISA) program is for you!

What is the ISA Program?

The International Student Ambassador (ISA) Program is a volunteer program within UMSU International. It aims to actively engage students, both international and local, with volunteering and leadership opportunities.

Successful applicants will start as soon as you get accepted and conclude in Week 8 of the following semester. Throughout this period, they will have opportunities to volunteer in UMSU International events/projects such as Night Market, Festival of Nations, Orientation and other media/publications. At the end of their term and upon completion of the required 30 hours (inclusive of 15 hours of publicity) of volunteer work, ISAs will receive a certificate of recognition.

The program also serves as a possible preparatory stage for students who may wish to become UMSU International’s Committee Members in the future.

For more information, please refer to the ISA Program Brochure

What can I do as an ISA? 

There are plenty of positions you are able to do as an ISA! Not only can you do the things you are good at, you are also welcome to sign up for roles that you would like to try/ interested in! 

Roles that you can do as an ISA includes: 

  • Emceeing/ Speaker

  • Decoration 

  • Management

  • Designing

  • Logistics

  • Communication

  • Photography

  • Social Media Influencer

  • Video Editing

We will not fixate you into one role so you can try as many as you want! 

How do I sign up to be an ISA?

Application for the ISA Program Semester 1 2023 (March Intake) is open from 10th March to 17th March 11:59 pm AEDT. To apply, click the button below:

Apply Here

I am not in Melbourne, can I sign up?

Certainly! We have plenty of upcoming online events and opportunities so don’t you worry! You will also start as soon as you get accepted and conclude in Week 8 of the following semester. As you are overseas, you are only required to complete at least 20 hours (inclusive of 10 hours of publicity) of volunteer work if you would like to receive a certificate of recognition. 

More questions?

Contact UMSU International’s Human Resources Team at and we will help answer your questions.