Regulations and Policies

UMSU INTERNATIONAL Regulations Ratified 7th March 2017

UMSU International Regulations 2016 Ratified 7th March 2017

UMSU INTERNATIONAL Annual General Elections Regulations

UMSU Intl AGE Regulations

UMSU INTERNATIONAL Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities

Duties and powers UMSU International ANNUAL GENERAL ELECTION

Minutes From Central Committee Meetings

The Central Committee (CCM) is the governing body of UMSUIntl, and consists of 23 elected student representatives. Below are the minutes from the Central Committee meeting pertaining to this year. If you have any questions regarding CCM please feel free to contact UMSUIntl’s through our ‘contact us’ page or come into the Intl Lounge to have a chat.

2017/2018 Committee’s Meetings’ Minutes:

2016/2017 Committee’s Meetings’ Minutes: