Anti-Racism Workshops

Get involved, get educated. The People of Colour department will be hosting non-autonomous Anti-Racism Workshops throughout the semester. These department-run workshops are an important opportunity for students to engage with the department, and a platform to speak on a topic of active anti-racism. Click Here for a chance to apply to be a workshop panellist!

Keep your eyes peeled for the workshop topics and speakers! The workshops are non-autonomous, white allies are encouraged to attend.

Presenter/Speaker Applications

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The 2021 Anti-Racism Workshops

Semester 1 Week 3

Semester 1 Week 5


Semester 1 Week 7


Semester 1 Week 9

Past Workshops and their excerpts

Racism and the African ‘gang crisis’ | Sobur Dhieu
Sobur’s presentation aims to delve beyond the sensationalised headlines to analyse the real problems impacting particularly on South Sudanese youth. While she can only sympathise with victims of crime perpetuated by some of these youths and does not condone any form of criminal behaviour, she intends for her workshop to spark a much-needed dialogue about the social effects of this issue.

PoC issues in the election
This workshop will be in two parts. We’ll first be having a facilitated discussion about the coming Federal election and how it will affect PoC communities. Then, Sawsan Alfayadh from YOUNG campaigns will be speaking about the intersection of economic and racial justice in the election context.

Deconstructing Racism in Beauty | Srishti Chatterjee
This Anti-Racism Workshop will focus on racist myths in beauty and art that define how women should be and what men should want,. It will unpack how these myths divide people on the basis of something as fundamental as the body and the skin. It will trace the representation of PoC in commercial beauty and art, and talk about how it subtly perpetuates racism.

Academic Racism | Veera Ramayah & Kaavya Jha
Kaavya and Veera met at the Myriad Magazine launch party in 2017 and since then, have shared their enthusiasm for promoting equality and diversity. During this anti-racism workshop, they will discuss racism in academia. With different degrees (Veera studies arts and Kaavya, commerce), they’ve experienced different elements of racism within the classroom and want to share strategies to acknowledge and combat them.

PoC Representation in Media | Nour Altoukhi
What’s the problem with Friends? Gilmore Girls? That 70’s Show? Our classic pop faves admittedly lacked a whole lot progressivism. Come to Nour’s workshop to deconstruct 90s to early 2000s sitcoms and learn why it’s still okay to love your problematic guilty pleasures!