The Coming Out Support Group offers a safe space for students to meet others who are questioning their gender, sexuality or sexual identity or who are in the process of coming out. We provide an opportunity to ask questions and get support through the often difficult path of accepting one’s sexuality, gender and / or coming out.

This group runs every Thursday evening throughout the semester. We ask that people who wish to attend one or more sessions fill out a confidential form to let us know how we can best fit the group to your needs. Due to the nature of this support group and its need for confidentiality the location of meetings is only disclosed to people who have completed this form.

Please register your interest before attending here, get more information at facebook.com/unimelbcosg, or email unimelbcosg@gmail.com

The Coming Out Support Group is run by UMSU’s Queer Department and is endorsed by Counselling and Psychological Services at the University of Melbourne.