Southbank Student Poll

UMSU Southbank are commissioning the creation of an artwork in the form of a polling device.

Identifying issues and sentiments of the students on Southbank campus is an important part of the University of Melbourne Student Union’s role. In order to address issues, we need to utilise creative tactics. Conducting polls that broach issues and important topics on campus is one way to show the University that it needs to address student concerns. That’s why we’re commissioning STUDENT POLL, an artwork that functions as a polling device. Artists in the field of institutional critique have long used polling devices as installations to expose pertinent community issues.

If you’re a Southbank student and you’re interested in tendering for the commission to create STUDENT POLL, fill out this form by 5pm, March 6th.


  1. A call out for a student to create a Polling Device; students express interest via a webform
  2. The selection panel review applications and shortlist candidates
  3. The selection panel meet with shortlisted artists
  4. A student is commissioned to create the Polling Device
  5. The project manager and commissioned artist agree on the design of the device
  6. The artist buys the materials for the artwork
  7. The artist prepares a short manual that informs how to use the device (and storage requirements)

Selection Decisions:

A selection panel comprising two general members of the UMSU Southbank Committee and one Office-bearer will review expressions of interest and shortlist designs in line with the scope and requirements of the project. Where possible the panel will meet with the artists whose designs have been shortlisted to discuss feasibility and applicability. The selection panel will provide advice on a final design to the UMSU Southbank Committee in conjunction with the artist. The UMSU Southbank Committee is responsible for the final selection.

Project objectives:

  • Develop infrastructure that assists UMSU Southbank to advocate the interests of students on Southbank campus
  • Supporting an artistic activity by students

Expressions of Interest

If you think that you’re the right person to make STUDENT POLL, express your interest here. Expressions of Interest close at 5pm on Friday, March 6th.