Judy’s Punch

Judy’s Punch is the annual UMSU Women’s Department publication, first produced in 1986.


This is a special call out to all the creative women and non-binary students out there: the Judy’s Punch team is looking for Graphics sub-editors!

Is graphic design your passion? Can you use indesign? We want you!

If you are interested in a Graphics sub-editor position and identify as a woman or non-binary, apply here: https://forms.gle/k4pWdWRJXB2FU23A6 

Applications close on the 2nd of June at 11:59PM.


Hey all you women and non-binary babes, the Women’s department is gearing up for another issue of our annual mag, Judy’s Punch. We’re looking for sub-editors to help out with editing.

Is graphic design your passion? Did you spend your youth dreaming of being the most popular fanfiction author? Have you always wanted the experience to work on a lit magazine, and help heaps of other women reach their true potential? Look no further than Judy’s Punch 2019.

If you identify as a woman or a non-binary unimelb student then we want to hear from you. Apply here: https://forms.gle/7SnvvjYQbVAy1dn39, applications close on the 2nd of June at 11:59PM.

Want to have a look at editions from the last few years?
There may be some hard copies left in the Women’s Room, and you can view them online here:

2015  https://issuu.com/umsu/docs/judy_s_punch_2

2016   https://issuu.com/judyspunch/docs/merged_document

2017  https://issuu.com/judyspunch/docs/judy_27s_20punch_202017