Judy’s Punch

Judy’s Punch is the annual UMSU Women’s Department publication, first produced in 1986.

Submissions for the 2019 Edition of Judy’s Punch are now closed! Check out our social media to stay updated!

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Instagram: @judyspunch

Want to have a look at editions from the last few years?
There may be some hard copies left in the Women’s Room, and you can view them online here:

2015  https://issuu.com/umsu/docs/judy_s_punch_2

2016   https://issuu.com/judyspunch/docs/merged_document

2017  https://issuu.com/judyspunch/docs/judy_27s_20punch_202017

2019 https://issuu.com/judyspunch/docs/judys_punch_2019