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Women’s Mentoring Network

Sign up for the Women’s Mentoring Network now!

If you’re an undergraduate woman student looking for some guidance at uni, and in your professional life, sign up now as a Mentee to learn from the experiences of a mentor in your field, gain valuable insight and form professional networks!

If you’re a postgraduate woman student (or an undergraduate student who has been in the workforce) with experience and skills to share, please sign up to be a Mentor for 2017! It’s a great way to meet fantastic women and make a difference in the lives and careers of young women students.

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What is it and how does it work?

The Women’s Mentoring Network is a professional networking group run by the UMSU Women’s Department which enables women to meet, talk and share experiences in a casual setting. The network groups undergraduate students with postgraduate women in their field and hosts networking nights featuring key note speakers for the group at large. Support and training is provided for mentors, an opportunity for leadership that will make them more outstanding graduates in the workforce. The mentors are a sounding board and possess a wealth of experience to share with mentees.

The Women’s Officers will create mentor groups based on shared interests and will contact both mentees and mentors to inform them of their mentor/mentee(s) for the year. Mentoring groups will meet approximately once a fortnight (depending on the availability of the mentor).

The history of the Network:

The Women’s Mentoring Network emerged from Bluestocking Week (a national campaign celebrating women in academia) in 2012, owing to a discussion of how role models, from within both general academia and specific fields of study, can help young women navigate the landscape of study and employment.

In 2013, the Women’s Department worked on a union-run mentoring program which provided women students with opportunities to network within their chosen field, sharing knowledge, skills and experiences. Both 2014 and 2015 were successful years for the Women’s Mentoring Network, which hosted numerous fantastic networking nights featuring speakers such as:

  • Andrea Durrant, Executive Officer of the Melbourne Chamber Commerce
  • Anna Hood, Lecturer at Melbourne Law School
  • Truc Nguyen, Chair of Women in Engineering
  • Elizabeth Capp, Director of Students and Equity at the University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Christina Cregan; Department of Management & Marketing at the University of Melbourne


Responses to the 2015 program

From Mentees:

“My mentors were amazing with helping me flesh out my ideas about what I want to do with my life. They also gave me really constructive ways tackling problems I was having. They are also just generally wonderful people that I am really glad to have got to know.”

“My mentor was organised and kind and introduced me to so many different ideas and contacts. She helped me organise my study and invest in my future.”

“She brought up topics for us to discuss, gave us her contacts to talk with and continue networking, and gave book and further study recommendations.”

From Mentors:

“Was very rewarding, enjoyable and great experience”

Got questions?

Get in contact with us (the Women’s Officers)!
Email us at if you’d like to find out more.