Council Considers Regulatory Changes

The inaugural meeting of the 2017 Students’ Council is to be held on Wednesday, 30 November at 11am. The meeting will be held in Training Room 1, Level 3, Union House.

As part of this, there are a few of UMSU’s policies/regulations that are up for amendment or approval at this meeting.

Child Safety Policy [PDF] – We’re committed to child safety. As such, we think it’s important to have an official policy in place to ensure they are empowered, safe and respected when they participate with UMSU.

Procedures of Student Representatives Proposed Changes  [PDF] – These procedures set out the prescribed duties and responsibilities of your student representatives. The range of amendments is quite wide, covering office bearer reporting, accountability, handover procedures and other administrative tweaks.

Standing Orders Proposed Changes [PDF] – Basically, Standing Order determine the rules and procedures of how Students’ Council meetings operate. The amendments here reflect recent changes to UMSU departments, clarify some ambiguous sections and fix outdated terminology. 

Clubs & Societies Regulation changes [PDF] – General changes to the C&S regulations. Here’s a summary:

  • Compulsory camp welfare training for camp leaders (this has been endorsed by the 2016 Council)
  • Increasing the functions grant entry fee from $20 to $30
  • Removing the Returning Officer notice to the C&S Department
  • Other languages are permitted in official clubs notices as long as an English version is also available


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