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Subject: ANCW20019 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic

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Zoe said : Jul 01, 2021 at 1:58 PM

Such a great subject! Every week we had one two hour seminar divided into roughly a one hour lecture and then one hour of group discussion and a quiz. The lectures were fascinating and Frederik (the lecturer) was super engaging, the time went by so quickly. Since the lectures were done with a tutorial size group anyone could ask questions as well and Frederik is really knowledgable. The group discussion was really interesting, everyone in the class seemed super friendly and engaged. The quizzes each week were also actually quite fun as they didn't really count for anything, we competed in groups and the winning group won chocolate, so not too serious at all. One thing I will say is that the readings can be a little dense and do take several hours, and you do have to read them fairly thoroughly to participate in group discussion and the quiz, but the classes every week more than make up for that.

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