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Subject: ANTH10001 Anthropology: Studying Human Diversity

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Sarah said : Jul 23, 2017 at 8:20 PM

I nearly ended up doing an Anthropology major during this subject. The information that you're provided with during the lectures is really fun, especially the week on cannibalism. It's a refreshing subject with a variety of new ideas that you'll recall even if you don't follow through with anthropology. Downsides of this subject were that the assignments weren't always that clear and sometimes the method of teaching in the lectures was incredibly uncomfortable and you weren't sure if you should ask the lecturer if they were okay or not. This depends purely on who is taking the course that year. But overall a really interesting and engaging subject. And I'm not one to admire readings, but, they were the most interesting readings I've ever (and probably ever will, honestly,) completed as an arts student.

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