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Subject: BOTA30006 Field Botany

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Vanja said : Sep 20, 2018 at 8:49 PM

One of the best subjects I took during my degree. A summer intensive, it involves a week of laid-back classes in Parkville and then a week-long trip to Falls Creek, where you learn to ID plants and do vegetation assessments. You spend every day out in the field, compiling a field herbarium, taking all sorts of measurements, conducting a small research project, and just generally hiking around and enjoying the views. The assessment is ok, although they don't offer a heap of guidance. There is a small field-based test, an exam a week after the field trip, and then 2 reports and a map due a few weeks after. The Falls Creek field trip was so much fun and is what made it such an amazing subject! Just be aware that you have to pay $400 upfront to cover transport and accommodation, plus bring your own food up there. But this subject is a must for anyone interested in botany!

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