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Subject: CHIN10005 Chinese 1

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Anonymous said : May 08, 2017 at 3:15 PM

This is a subject for students with absolutely no background whatsoever in Chinese; a prerequisite which is rigidly enforced. It’s well taught and accessible. The teachers are approachable and genuinely concerned about students’ progress. Learning a language at university is quite different to doing it at high school. It moves very quickly, and a lot of vocab and character revision is required. But if you’re willing to do the grunt work, this is worthwhile. You come out of your first semester (hopefully) with a basic ability to construct and speak simple Chinese sentences. If you’re a language sort of person, you’ll be swell. If you’re not, you might find this a hard slog, but it’s an undeniably useful tongue to have under your belt. Finish this and move on up to Chinese 2!

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